Unknown Artists rendering of Tenochtitlan, the capital city 

Experience Pure Relaxation NOW ! :Organic Spring Forest ambient music, Enviro Ambient, May 2013



          sitting in a warm, open-air courtyard filled with hundreds of your neighbors, friends, relatives and the Spanish foreigners observing from further away. Those foreigners came from a far away land unknown to your people, they came in across the sea, with what you may see as tall deer but are named “horses”, the Spanish speak a different language, wear strange clothing, and have different behaviors. The perspective we have taken above is that of the Nahua people, commonly known to many as the Aztecs, Toltec as well as other people groups. The Spaniards seemed peaceful, but quickly started wars with the Nahua and powerful domination. The introduction of the Spanish to MesoAmerca brought fatal diseases and whole new system of political, social and religious structure. The Nahua’s great community lost the battle and are now the lesser empire of power and must live as an oppressed an conquered people in their own land. The Nahuas found themselves in a now altered courtyard that once housed revered temples and pyramids set high on thousands of steps, watching new Spanish plays acted out by their own people, speaking in Nahuatl, but with priests and monks directing. These plays are colorful and interesting but their stories seemed at times strange to the Nahuas.